I want to share with you the loveliest story that has resonated with me...

At the Hall Markets a lady in her 70s approached my photography stall. She spoke to me openly about how she once married and then divorced, and became bitter. Then many years later in her 60s, she went on to meet a wonderful man. Everyone was surprised! Her family and friends couldn't believe it!

They spent a few special years together before he was diagnosed with cancer. Although it was difficult, she was there for him until the end. People asked how she did it. 'Well, I loved him! You do anything for someone when you love them.' The lady left me with these words: 'The people in your photos look so happy. It's nice to see people so happy. I would have loved to have photos like this of us.'

This right here is the WHY in what I do. Why I photograph people. I'll never forget this story. I'll never forget those of past couples and families I've been so lucky to meet and photograph this far in my journey. I can't wait for the many stories I'm yet to hear.