Maggie and Jack were the winners of the Colourful Creations Photography Valentine's Day Giveaway.

Here is their winning entry:

Quite early on in our relationship, I went down to Melbourne with him so that he could meet my friends and family. Ahead of the night we were going to meet up with my friends, he kept asking me to remind him of who was who - their names, what they do for work, their interests that he could talk to them about. He is already such naturally outgoing and warm person, so everyone loved him. But it was the fact that he put so much effort into getting to know and becoming friends with my friends that made ME feel loved.

We went out with my friends that night for BYO and dumplings, and decided to spontaneously go in the draw for lottery tickets to see The Book of Mormon... And every single one of us got tickets! Sitting in our front row seats with his arm around me, having a great night with my friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time, made me feel so incredibly lucky - everything just fell into place and fit perfectly.

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