Vibrant Colour!

This one may seem obvious given my business name, but hey - colour is my thing! I love to produce colourful photography, through colourful backgrounds, colourful clothing, colourful lighting and colourful connection!

Natural Light

As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer, I use the warmth of natural light to capture people at their best. Yes, I do own and use a flash whenever necessary (eg. wedding receptions at night), however my go-to light source is the sun. I love nothing more than crisp, fresh daytime light, backlit golden hour at sunset, or soft, overcast even light... so basically any form of natural light!

Emotive Moments

Although I always come to photoshoots ready with a plan, I also photograph intuitively to capture those beautiful candid moments that just can't be planned! For example, Grandma unexpectedly busting out a sick move on the dancefloor at your wedding. You're going to want that captured!

The World Is My Studio

I work on location and don't have a typical studio. This is by choice, as I see the world as my studio! That way we have access to endless backgrounds and locations to work with for your photoshoot, and the creativity stream never runs dry. This brings me onto my next point...

Location List

I have worked hard over the years to create a portfolio of images which were taken all around Canberra. I know the best spots inside out and so I decided to create a Location List of my favourites. That way you can choose a location from this list for your own photoshoot! We are truly spoilt for choice here in Canberra, with beautiful gardens, unique architecture, old heritage listed buildings and classic Aussie bushland. We are also lucky enough to get all four seasons here, so Autumn leaves and Spring cherry blossoms are on offer at the right time as well. Take your pick!

Photo Products

At Colourful Creations, I believe in giving my clients the choice as to how they would like their final images displayed, whether that's on the walls (framed prints and canvas), held in your hands (albums and boxed collections), on the computer (digital files) or a mix of all three! It's up to you, however I will guide you through the process of figuring this out if you're not sure yet. I want you to choose the option that you will get the most joy and value out of!

Information Guides

I want you as my client to be as informed as possible before your photoshoot, so that's why I provide Information Guides in order to help you plan and prepare for everything to run as smoothly as possible. Think What To Wear, Timeline Templates, Collection Inclusions etc.

Turnaround Time

I pride myself on providing a quick turn-around, so you don't end up waiting months to receive your photos. Instead, you will receive your photos within just a few weeks or even days of your experience with me.

Friendly & Encouraging

I understand that having your photo taken may be a nerve-wracking concept for a lot of people, so I do my absolute best to make the experience as fun, easy and natural as possible for you. We'll talk, laugh and have a good time!

That's what makes The Colourful Creations Experience! Please do reach out below if you feel I can help you in any way. I can't wait to meet you!

Colourful Creations Photography Owner/Photographer Emily Davidson Photographed for The Canberra Weekly by Kerrie Brewer